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Default Re: Idiot evilBay Seller... Am I Unreasonable?

Originally Posted by Ekim View Post
I don't know whether to be impressed by his audacity or furious.
The only question I have left is to ask you, what is your preferred end result here? Did you want to flick them back and get a refund? If so, have you told/asked him?

Expressing complaints to the forum is great and I'm in no way implying that you shouldn't do so, but what's the point if you won't convey your feelings to the seller? At the end of the day DW members can't solve this issue....only the seller can do that. Your complaints are certainly warranted, but if you aren't gonna direct them to the one person who can actually solve them, then what is it that you hope to acheive?

I sincerely hope you don't see this as me trying to be an antagonistic prick as it's not my intention, but I genuinely believe some practicality is called for here. I really don't get what you're are trying to acheive by telling us and not the seller. If your hats are fine, then they are 'em and enjoy 'em. Why live your life on "potential" issues? It's possible you "might" get hit by a bus whilst crossing the road that gonna stop you doing your thing? Of course not.

For mine, this is 'mountain out of a molehill' stuff. It's've expressed your concerns. Leave a footnote via feedback and warn others he's not up to scratch with respect to packageing and enjoy your undamaged hats. As I said earlier.....worry about what "might be" if it ever eventuates.

With the friendliest of intentions, Pocket. :-)
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