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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by Chaos_Inferno View Post
I want your drums (probably some different sizes because I'm really debating on whether I still want/would use an 8" time anymore) in a similar finish... I love the natural wood finish and now seeing the white bass drum head on it I know that the dark roots/bubinga finish is exactly what I want.

How do they sound? My debate over the drum sizes is coming in whether or not I could tune up a 10" tom to be pretty bright without giving it that sort of stiff feel or boingy jazz tone without quite hitting bop tuning that I get with a lot of drums I've tried to do it with. Ironically, my old high school's set of birch Force 2007s did this fairly well and I could get that 10" tom almost to the point of where my maple 8" Force 3007 was... I do want birch for my upper toms at least because of that brighter tone they'll give me as opposed to maple. I'd just rather hear from someone who actually owns the drums rather than guessing on a potential major purchase.

Absolutely gorgeous drums, man.
Thanks man, I have to say that they came out better than I had hoped they would.

I haven't had the chance to play them properly yet, but I will say that so far they are honestly the best sounding drums I've played or owned, and if you've seen what else I have, that's a hard thing to say I think. The tuning range of the drums is huge. Even the 8" drum at a moderate tuning has sustain and depth, which I wasn't expecting, and sounds like a 10.

I think given what you've said, you probably wouldn't have too much of an issue with tuning a 10 up although you might have to mess around with head choices to get it right. I've got the standard ambassador on my 10 and it will tune up reasonably high without getting overly pingy, but I guess ultimately you'd have to hear it for yourself to make your mind up. I tend to tune my toms down a bit and they work well for me in that regard.

Hope that helps a bit.
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