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Default Re: What is your dream job?

I'll throw a spanner in the works and say that whatever dream job any of us can envision would sooner or later become boring.

I'm not denying there are better jobs that others, but it's a bit like fantasing about winning the lottery – we all imagine we would be happy forever and be set-up for life, when studies show that people who win the lottery are no happier approx. 1 year after they win.

This also applies to paraplegics, who approx. 1 year after their 'tragedies' return to previous levels of happiness before they became paraplegic. It has something to do with the brain. We all chase happiness and wellbeing but these aren't default states; happiness is fleeting. It comes and goes and is never permanent because the brain simply won't allow it.

Don't tell that to the self-help industry though, it might collapse if people were to learn the truth.

But yeah, my dream job would be getting to travel to new countries sampling fine restaurant food. Food critic. We gotta eat anyways, after all.
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