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Default Kári Streymoy

One of my favourite drummer of recent times, Kari Streymoy is the drummer of Faroese Progressive Metal band Týr.

His style is really unique and I would say he's one of the 'smartest' drummers in terms of his economy and his ability to syncopate / fit the music so well.

Their music is very 'jagged' sounding but also paced and melodic - a breath of fresh air really - and I highly recommend anybody interested in odd-time / polyrythmic drumming to check him out:

This is one of their busiest tracks but I thoroughly recommending listening to the rest of their stuff - 'Eric the Red' has some fantastic drumming in general, as do the rest of their records.

It's a shame there is not more recognition for drummers like this but then again their style of music is fairly niche.
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