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Default Recording With Four Mics?

Hi, I was thinking of purchasing a Fostex MR8-HD, which allows four track simultaneous recording, to do some amateur recording of my kit.

I was wondering what would be the best four piece mic set-up to use? Most four piece kits I've been looking at have 3 snare/tom mics and 1 kick drum mic. I'm guessing having at least one overhead would be a better set-up?

I'm thinking of using either one kick, one snare, and two overheads. Or, one kick, one snare, one tom in between my two floor toms, and one overhead.

Does anyone have any suggestions about a four mic set-up like these? Are overheads also good for picking up toms?

Here are some pics of my kit, if that will help.
Also, i have some soundproofing foam behind, above and hanging in front of my kit.

Thanks for any help!
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