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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by Drummerd99 View Post

What recommendations do you have for Double Bass Drum Pedals. Which is the best - and why?

Looking at a whole bunch right now and I need your help.

Has anyone tried the Duallist? Or the Off Center one?

Thanks for the help.

I have a Duallist and I love it. For what most people need, double pedals are overkill, assuming they had even invested the hundreds of hours it takes to do basic things competently. Double pedal work is lost on the audience and, more often than not, annoys other musicians. I also like having my left foot free for hihat or foot percussion work. My ego or musical work doesn't require me to use double pedals and The Duallist works just fine. It also makes a terrific single pedal.
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