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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
I wish I did mate.....I'm not nearly as offended by Travis as some of our drumming fraternity brothers are.

No, I definitely meant Justin Bieber:

I just thought it was a funny connection. Doesn't matter what generation, there will always be a tendency to overstate mediocrity.
Wow, that video made me laugh, as did some of the comments. Did not know Beiber (kind of) plays the drums.

I agree with you that there will always be a tendency to overstate mediocrity, but has it always been to the extent that it is now? With the internet, anybody can put up a video or a recording, and therefore alot of talent gets hidden amongst all the crap. The problem with today is that all of these labels, magazines and companies heavily promote artists such as Beiber and Barker because their fan base will buy absouletly everything and anything with his name on it. It was the same thing with the Pitch Black cymbals, terrible cymbal but got heavy promotion with Jordison and was the only reason they were reasonably successful in terms of sales. Has this always been the case, or am i just too young to know what happened in past generations haha.

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