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Default Re: Idiot evilBay Seller... Am I Unreasonable?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Yep......a new Avedis 16" med thin arrived with the smallest of crimps in the sound edge. The box(hmmm...??) was crushed right in the area of the damage. I weighed up the hassle of return etc, and decided that the nick is that small and the price of the cymbal that cheap, that I wouldn't do anything about it.

I told the seller via message and wrote "poorly packaged" in the feedback section and went about my business. Great cymbal fwiw, if the crimp negatively affects the sound, then it's a better ear than mine who'll pick it up.
... and that was boxed.

Maybe the post office should keep a supply of unwanted Pitch Blacks and ZBTs to sell to eBayer drummers needing simbolle protectors for postage? Frisbees would probably do the job for splashes.
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