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Default Re: Idiot evilBay Seller... Am I Unreasonable?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Seems to me that, despite the light packaging, cymbals are making it through okay. Has anyone had an experience where the cymbals have arrived damaged?
Yep......a new Avedis 16" med thin arrived with the smallest of crimps in the sound edge. The box(hmmm...??) was crushed right in the area of the damage. I weighed up the hassle of return etc, and decided that the nick is that small and the price of the cymbal that cheap, that I wouldn't do anything about it.

I told the seller via message and wrote "poorly packaged" in the feedback section and went about my business. Great cymbal fwiw, if the crimp negatively affects the sound, then it's a better ear than mine who'll pick it up.
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