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Default Re: why there are so many travis barker haters???

Originally Posted by mhdweston View Post
What i have found out regarding this subject, is that not many people actually hate him per say. What they, including myself, hate is the fan boys that go on YouTube, find a video of Steve Gadd, Vinnie, Buddy, or any GREAT drummer, and say "He sucks, Travis FTW" or some silly ignorant comment like that..

I personally think hes a great drummer, but in the great wise words of "The 40 year old Virgin"..

"They are putting the p@#$y on a pedestal.." The p%$#y being Travis Barker..

btw i aint calling TB one, Im just saying they idolize him for the wrong reasons..
Couldn't have put it better myself. Also, its not only the fanboys, its the general public. Most non-musicians, who have no clue on drumming, when the find out i play the drums, ask: "oh have you heard travis barker, he's amazing". I then tell them that i think he's a good drummer but nothing special, and show them a couple of clips of Gadd, Buddy Rich, Bonham or Jojo Mayer, and only then do they realise how misinformed they were.

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