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A poem in prose. likely to inspire discomfort

Reflections - The Vomiting

Fear is all you are
you breathe and live it everyday
the past is haunting you
it's right behind you and consuming you more and more

the future lies ahead like an uncertain path
full of suffering and self-denial
fear of the regret you 'll feel for the things you denied
and didn't do
and didn't say

I'm rotting from the inside
it's trying to push to the surface
but I can still keep it in
how horrible! The common dreads
The unspoken pain
Fear be my name
always like a startled animal

pornography is all we are and crave, it's all around us, always
the Freudian empire, the heritage
doomed by intellect - and so crippled
fear is nothing but a word
but can you imagine how much I feel it
the ardent need for - purification
who is he who is sitting there all gloomy and doesn't speak
this veil cannot be lifted

tired of metaphors
the urge for brutal honesty
the urge for brutality
THE GREAT RETURN, we will be one again - finally - my brother!
Do you still deny the flesh, the scent, the skin
it smells like life, will you still not let it in
how can you live like that? how much longer...

the urge for caresses - gone
my affection for you - is purely animalistic

The grudge - is my crown
let me show you what I'm about
Again, staring into the abyss that is me

This face is torn
between the truth, which is inside
and the lie, which is what you see
The contortion, the horror! the absurd! The laugh, the smile - GROTESQUE !
Youīd love to be so far away, itīs not a long way to go itīs gonna end in your pain

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