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Default RANT

So last night we had practice and then my roommate had a bonfire, and during the party we were asked to play. So we rattled out a couple songs, and afterwards my roommate comes up to me and says this guy plays drum and he wanted to play a little, so I didn't know this guy and I said I'd rather him not. About 15 minutes later, my singer tells me someone is inside playing, so he and I run inside, and the guy is playing and some other dude has my Ibanez hollowbody (not the most expensive guitar, but these things are the only nice things I have, and I've put all my work and money into them) and I told them it wasn't cool to just walk in and start playing, and the guy with my guitar said somehting like, "Oh, ok, I'm sorry" and put it down. Now the guy behind the drums ended up getting out of hand a little, but sticking things like, "your drums sounded really good" and "those are really nice". I think that made me angrier.

I associate it with seeing someone sleeping with your girlfriend, and them saying, "She's really good."

Maybe that's extreme, how do you guys feel?
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