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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post

I'd think London would just be an extension of the USA scene. At least based on the music coming out of it, it seems to be much the same these days.
Of course there is some crossover, but it has it's own distinct thing. There are a lot of world class players in London, they just don't get the same hype as American guys. A few British guys have been able to make the move across the pond partially or totally, but for many there is no pressure to because they've got plenty of work here. There are a whole lot of pop bands and acts that do very well in the UK who people in NA have never heard of, or only get limited exposure there. There's also studio work for British film and television which is unique from the U.S.. Add in the fact that the West End has dozens and dozens of theatres with musicals playing and that the size of the country allows for touring musicals to be profitable, and there really is a self-contained thing here.

And Matt, I know we've had our differences, but I was really happy to see you take the risk you took and get yourself playing. It took some guts and aplomb and it sounds like you've been working hard, and I applaud you for that. Well done. Best of luck.
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