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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
You're right. I 've done some work there already and it's great. But that market is inundated with incredible players already, and a huge number of Americans who are there for the same reason I'm here. Then the money's not so great there. I think it's because you have too many players chasing down gigs and are willing to play for close to free. Then if you go anywhere that used to be old East Germany the money is close to the same as you see here in Eastern Europe, but with a lot more competition and Americans galore.

See, some Americans want to do Europe but only the part they feel is cool Europe. Well I think if you do that you're back in the same situation you were in before you left. It's like one day a guy gets tired of waiting for something decent in Austin and says You know I'm going to Paris. Well how many Americans do you think have already made that move? I already know. It's a ridiculous number. Besides, the place is already loaded with French musicians who can play big time. So you just went to a lot of trouble to stand in just another line, and with the Euro kicking back up a more expensive line.

Time and time again it's seemingly always come down to London as the European jump off point to the good USA venues, and I suppose the whole Beatles relocation became the model used for the last 40 years. And a large number of those guys seem to get their final touches added on in Amsterdam. Then you do the UK well and you're in New York... not entirely in, but on a far better footing than had you stayed home and had your butt kicked.

I might be entirely wrong. But I don't know. It's just always seemed feasible to me.

I'd think London would just be an extension of the USA scene. At least based on the music coming out of it, it seems to be much the same these days.

I would assume Germany is much more happening, but I guess it makes sense that it's become over done with American's moving there based on how many people I know of who have moved there, or toured there.

If I were 20-something, I'd love to check out the music scenes in Amsterdam, Sweden, and even Finland. But what do I know, I've never been to Europe period.

Good stuff Matt, Keep it coming. :-)
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