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Default Re: why there are so many travis barker haters???

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I wish that todays teens or young people would get rid of two words used so often in their vocabulary that they almost become meaningless. First, any type of negative criticism is labeled HATE. Lose it. Secondly, anything not liked is GAY. Lose it. Expand your vocabulary to use words that truly convey what you mean and more people may pay attention.
Agreed agreed agreed! These two words are so overused, there meaning has become basically pointless...

As for Travis, he has a large fan base and is very good at what he does. But arguing the fact that he is the best drumming isn't really a good thing to discuss, as really, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, in reality, it is impossible to name one drummer as the best, because each person in unique in there own style and how they express themselves with music.
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