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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
Matt, I have to say:

You are living the life I can only dream of right now.

All of this gigging and touring and bands and drama sounds like the most accurate definition of an adventure. I'd be having the time of my life if I were in your shoes.

So, just so I don't sound like some sort of creepy fanboy...

Any tips for someone who wants to go this way with their drumming?
As much as I hate to say this and although I continue to believe that the US is probably the best country for music and everything in general/ and head and shoulders over other places when it comes to convenience/ our country is probably the worst place for a young player to get his foot in the door. If you're living in Maryland, unless you're in Delmarva you have almost have no chance, because the DC-Baltimore zone is saturated with world class musicians. And as you also know these venues are so tough on the under 21 players.

Europe is a breeze compared to all that, especially when it comes to the young player. Moreover, you are mostly seen in Europe as a player and not a player of a certain age, whereas older American musicians are obsessed with your age to the point that few of them I believe can hear the music. For some its almost like a phobia. Mostly I find this weird seeing as how more musicians exist in America then any other country by far /mostly due to the school band programs/ and a good 80% of them are under 21. Or maybe that's why the older average American players are that way in the first place. I don't really know why all that is that way, but it is.

And the worst of that bunch is the middle aged average US player who will do anything to block the door and are the first to babble on about that when you older you'll etc, etc foolishness. I frankly got sick of waiting around for a so called chance at a chessy gig while being lectured by a guy that I wasn't sure could teach me anything past holding my temper. Then you play that game for 3-4 years then someone blesses you with middle ground? No way... I wanted middle ground now, and mostly because it was really time... not when somebody else decided based on nonmusical and frankly unprofessional factors.

To see the middle road USA drummer's attitude, you have to go no farther than these forums. Not this one so much, but check out a couple of the USA based drum forums where a handful of guys brag about how they go there because it has an older more pro attitude. Then when you check it out, it's a bunch of cocky 40 year olds playing twice a months and giving kids a lot of attitude while pretending it's a pro vibe. Well i think all that's a joke.

If you can play, you can play. If you can play, wear the right clothes and get to the gig on time while speaking only when asked then you're a pro regardless of age. sure the vibe is that way sometimes out here too. But the real attitude is back home.

Now I'm aware that the center for the music business is America. It just is. It's the place where you actually make it. But first you have to have a place to work yourself out, while waiting tables in Brooklyn pretending to be a New York musician isn't my idea of all that. That's why I'm fixing stuff here, edging out towards Holland and the UK. When that's firm then I go back home.

But if was still in Atlanta I'd be under acheiving for sure.

So my only advice is if you're living in a hot zone and are trying to work out your business, get out. Since then I haven't looked back.
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