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Default Re: Idiot evilBay Seller... Am I Unreasonable?

Firstly, the Postal Service Priority Mail is the best route to ship anything, ever. USPS treats Priority Mail items like the Holy Grail. Every step of the way, Priority Mail is handled seperate from the regular mail, and parcels ... there is no throwing boxes across the room, no conveyor belts dropping 80 lb. boxes on top of 10 lb. boxes.
That happens at UPS, Fed Ex., and regular parcel post. Priority Mail gets handled differently, every step of the way. It never gets mingled in with the thousands and thousands of "regular" parcels and flats that the P.O. handles every day. That's how they can get it from L.A. to Boston in 2 or 3 days. And track it, every step of the way.
The simple fact that the hats arrived to you, despite the poor (no) packing job, attests to how well the P.O. treats Priority Mail.
O.K. That aside, you can see nothing wrong with the cymbals. No marks, dents, scratches, cracks, flat spots. Nadda. But you imagine that they might have undergone somekind of unseen trama.
How 'bout you leave no feedback ... what-so-ever...
Not a negative. Not a neutral. Not a positive. Don't leave any. Simple. Move on. Enjoy your hi-hats. If you leave "a blistering negative just for justice's sake" on the seller, and you wind up playing those hats for 20 years .... kinda makes you look like a chucklehead, of sorts.
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