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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

The new project sounds interesting Matt. In my dim & disappointing past, I went through some of these trials too. Tension always seems to be greatest at the cusp of recognition. Either side of that, it's just the usual background level band BS.

Your primary self driven project should take absolute priority IMHO. At least you have a greater degree of control in that environment, & it ultimately will light the fires within you that make the inevitable disappointments bearable. The rest is just rent & experience, with hopefully a bit of fun attached.

From an age POV, you're going through this cycle early. That's a good thing in so many ways. As long as you can keep wearing the bullet proof vest of realism, you'll be good to go. You come across as very driven. You need to be. Just think of it this way, with every twist & turn, up & down, for so long as you're still at it, you're turning the likelyhood of succeeding from an if to a when.

I got emotionally involved. I hurt too easily, especially on behalf of others. I blew out the miniscule chance I had to progress.
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