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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Love your tales of the trials and tribulations Matt. I get a lot from them. Keep em coming. Sorry about everything, but not really, it was meant to be like that, so whatever, that's how stuff goes. Good thing you can see the previews of things to come before they actually arrive. But your stories are enjoyed and appreciated, by me at least, more than you might know.
No sweat or trials at all Larry, just a lot of learning experience stuff. All that's already in the rear view while I currently work on getting the big project together in time for a tour. Now that one would be a blow if the same kind of thing happened because it's my deal alone. But if it does then more learning, right?

What's funny is when you're here exactly in the middle /where you're officially out of the garage but still waiting in the larger wings/ how you run into some of the angriest, most frustrated musicians in the world. I think its a shame not to consider it a blessing when you're paid to play music, especially when most of us would be doing the exact same thing for free.

I'm seven weeks shy of my 21st birthday. Still plenty of time.
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