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Default Re: Post pictures of your... NON-drum instruments?!

Originally Posted by jer View Post
It's unfortunate that a good handful of entry level instruments are like you mentioned above, DED. Setup horribly and hard for beginners to play for very long without getting hurt.

The action is quite nasty on the banjo my GF got - she stops playing after about 5 minutes and curses me for being able to play pretty much indefinably. Realize how much I took it for granted that since a young age, I've always had at least a beat up old acoustic, often missing a couple stings around to make noise on. I really don't remember ever getting blisters like I did when I started playing drums.

Classical guitars with nylon strings are (imo) a breeze, to play. I'd recommend one to anyone who wants to give it a go without killing your fingers. (Although you still need fairly short nails...)

Mmmm... your band is much younger than mine:

I imagine your drummer is a better timekeeper than mine!
One new feature of Garage Band, by Apple, is the ability to synch any times that are off let's say for instruments recorded at different times. It will match the beats for all instruments. Also has piano and guitar lessons built in.
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