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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

I've been gone for a while playing in Northeast China. What a different place that was and so many people. Shenyang especially was a trip.

When I got back this evening I learned that Daybreak was over for good. The guitar player had already caused a row some time ago, wanting more money than anyone else because he felt he was the leader of the band, while I just rolled my eyes in acknowledgement of how our singer was the obvious draw. So he quit in a huff but I could care less because he was always an issue. He had already pulled a diva act a while back and I was the one totally against bringing him back in. I say one serious transgression and you're out. But in the silly world of band democracy you can get out voted even when the eventual outcome is obvious.

Then just before I left /the band was already in turmoil by then/ I heard that the guitarist had already signed with one of our primary rival bands and was already commited to performing in this huge televised Battle of the Bands event with them, with Daybreak already scheduled to perform on the very same show. He was obviously playing both bands down the middle to get the best offer and was willing to break one or 2 separate contracts to do it. It was a punk move and I told him so along with informing him that now we could work with a guitarist who could actually improvise. He was uttering some nonsense about being a Balkan music God when I turned my back on him to head for the airport.

Then apparently, Ana the singer decided to just walk off and retire from singing. I've seen this flakiness from her before and knew the writing was on the wall, so I had already made another connection just in case I needed a new source for rent money.

Starting this Thursday my new anchor job is with the house band at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest/3 nights a week/. I feel bad for the bass player but I think he was falling for the singer and didn't see the headlights when they were coming. This new gig is led by a very serious pro /behavior wise as well/ guitarist who I think can also be used for my hip hop project. Meanwhile I continue to book the Blue Monks /the organ band/ and any projects that come to mind at the 2 jazz clubs, while I work on my touring show, which is like an updated Miles Davis 70s thing using a lot of analog stuff.

In the meantime I'm swearing off collective so called equal say bands. They never work. Give me a clear cut leader every time.

But too bad about Daybreak because they had potential. I already hear that our manager has found a new singer and I will work with the new incarnation as time allows, but you have to think the good old days are in the rear view mirror as you point your eyes forward towards the new road ahead.

Bands come and go. That's just a fact. You can't get too attached, but you give it your all while you're there.
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