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Default Re: Post pictures of your... NON-drum instruments?!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Al, DED, jer, Eddie, Homeularis, Kenny, Abe - all these drummers who play guitar or bass!

I tried for 20 years on and off to play guitar - and I have an acoustic and electric at home, but I simply can't hold down all the strings to play clean barre chords. Also, the strings kill my fingers. I learned to play quite a few songs from songbooks in that primitive noob way but it's just not my instrument.
Honestly this is still the most difficult part for me.

I'm amazing at my guitar playing friends who's finger seem to glide over the strings and make all thee great sounds with barely pressing the strings. Meanwhile, I have to press so hard to get a clean sounding chord!

But like anything else, practice, practice, practice. I took some lessons for a little while as well.

I've also found some guitars are more forgiving than others. I borrowed a buddies acoustic, and I couldn't play the thing to save my life. The strings were set high, and it was a pain to fret. But after an hour on that, I picked my normal guitar, and suddenly playing my guitar seemed like a breeze. Another buddy brought over his electric, and I found certain figured were easier to ply on his guitar than mine. Necks, frets and string sizes really all play into ease of use.

Still, over all, I don't consider myself accomplished on guitar. I wouldn't go join a band as their guitarist. Not at least without a lot more lessons.
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