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Default Re: Post pictures of your... NON-drum instruments?!

So ... Unfunky ... you are wondering if my barre chord issues were because of the drumming? Interesting theory ... and good point about nails ... it's a big issue for me.

Eddie, while the fingers harden, I'm not sure I want to harden my soft fingertips any more than I want to wreck my nails lol ... no, I'm not a princess, just been single for over a year :)

I do remember having some nasty blisters on my thumbs while gigging on drums back in the 80s when the stage monitors were being unkind, but these days in my laid back band I'm just doing tappity-tap and barely even break a sweat (as opposed to the 80s, being blinded by the sweat pouring into my eyes). I played keys in a couple of little bands a few years ago but had to go back to drums because it was killing my fingers ...

Good luck with the bass audition, Al! Will this be the acid test for the Rush theory? :)

As for the thread, I also have a range of percussion toys at home. When I was young and living with my parents I had access to my sister's neglected piano and clarinet, which were fun to dabble on.

I've always loved messing around with other instruments and can usually get a serviceable sound ... apart from bowed instruments, from which I've only ever extracted noises than range from sick-cat to fingernails-on-a-chalkboard ... hmm, maybe well qualified for a violinist spot in an experimental music ensemble ...
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