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He is not musical enough, I mean he is not musical the way I LIKE IT! Does he not know that there is only one way too express one's musicality? I wish he would tone it down a bit. And his technique is too pristine. Wish he was a little sloppier and less fluid. His chops are too blistering and over the top wish his playing wish they were a little more pedestrian. His independence is too advanced and complex wish he was more elementary and unoriginal. His feet are too stinking developed, COME ON! Message too Virgil, you are too good can you please suck a little more so we can feel better about ourselves. We wish we were 1/10 as good as you. We got nothing better to do than trash you for being a Pioneer in the drumming world for arguably pushing the technical and creative boundaries farther ahead than any other drummer of the last 10 to 12 years even guy's like Lang, Marco, Chambers, Mangini, Phillips etc. have said as much, and for drawing HUGE crowds at NAMM and wherever you go.
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