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Default Re: Post pictures of your... NON-drum instruments?!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Al, DED, jer, Eddie, Homeularis, Kenny, Abe - all these drummers who play guitar or bass!

I tried for 20 years on and off to play guitar - and I have an acoustic and electric at home, but I simply can't hold down all the strings to play clean barre chords. Also, the strings kill my fingers. I learned to play quite a few songs from songbooks in that primitive noob way but it's just not my instrument.

Bass is even worse on the fingers ... I can last about 30 seconds. Drums are so much more gentle :)

PS. I agree, Eddie, Al seems to hold his booze pretty well!
i see exactly what you mean.

but being a guitarist, i looked at the problem differently. rather than seeing drums as being more gentle, i was heard to exclaim ¨PLAYING DRUMS IS MESSING UP MY FINGERS !!!!!!!!!! I CAN´T HAVE THIS !!!!!!!!! GOD I LOVE THE DRUMS, BUT IF IT´S GONNA DO THIS TO MY FINGERS.......(pant, pant, gasp bewieldered look around).....I CAN´T HAVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!

: )

it appears to me that drumming elongates the fingers and puts a weird crimp in the hands / fingers (from smashing the sticks into the underside of my fingers) from impact - making it very difficult to be ¨on point¨ (like a ballet dancer) with my fingertips when i go to guitar.

NOT COOL MAN !!!!!!!! NOT !!!!! COOL !!!!!!!!

: )

solution: well i love the drums and can´t i:

1. massage the crimp out of my hand, stretch / flex however it works for you...
2. wait a while after playing drums before playing guitar...possibly going so far as to have guitar day and drum day

these are occupational hazards that one gets used to if one has been doing it for a while.

for example, i have gotten used to having a crescent shaped dip in my index fingernail. it´s been there since i was 15 : ) it comes from striking the strings with a pick. after the pick hits, my fingernail brushes against the string causing said crescent shaped indentation on my index nail.

now if someone from another profession were to take up guitar, or only occasionally play...AND they love their nails (like i used to up until age 15) they may be heard to say ¨OH NO, IḾ NOT HAVING THIS !!!!!!!!!! LOOK WHAT IT DID TO MY NAIL ??????????? DO YOU SEE THIS ?????????? JESUS CHRIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have also gotten used to having long nails on my right hand for fingerpicking and shorter nails on my left hand. as unsightly as it may (or may not) be.

hope this helps.

also it helps to know that it takes time to learn to play with fingers on point. a ballet dancer does not start on the toes...they work up to it. same with a piano player or guitarist. we all start with our fingers flat and work up to point. no matter how many grizzled veterans scream and glare at you that you SHOULD BE ON POINT and that you HAVE NO TECHNIQUE !!!!!! and they should know better. just because someone is good at what they do....doesn´t necessarily qualify them to teach.

find yourself a gentle teacher.
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