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Default Re: Post pictures of your... NON-drum instruments?!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Al, DED, jer, Eddie, Homeularis, Kenny, Abe - all these drummers who play guitar or bass!

I tried for 20 years on and off to play guitar - and I have an acoustic and electric at home, but I simply can't hold down all the strings to play clean barre chords. Also, the strings kill my fingers. I learned to play quite a few songs from songbooks in that primitive noob way but it's just not my instrument.

Bass is even worse on the fingers ... I can last about 30 seconds. Drums are so much more gentle :)

PS. I agree, Eddie, Al seems to hold his booze pretty well!
It takes a few months to get used to it i found but eventually your fingers harden. Well that's my experience anyway. Also drumming is still murder on your fingers, just a different part of them though ;)
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