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Default Re: Improving Singing?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
To anyone listening lol.

Sorry I don't mean that, but I had to take it.

You don't need a great voice. You need confidence. Look at Dylan. It's all about using what you got with no excuses. I know all about not having a great voice, I get by on attitude. (Also selecting songs that I am able to hit all the notes to)
My point wasn't to get a great voice, my concern was to not do something wrong to end your singing career alot earlier than you planned. Without hearing you or seeing what you're doing, it'd be hard to suggest anything to check out. As a singing drummer, I can tell you I got more gigs because I was able to sing rather than the drummer who didn't sing. Who wants to pay for two people when you can get one person who does both?
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