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Default Re: why there are so many travis barker haters???

I don't hate him either. As many have said here he supposedly has a nice guy reputation.

Yeah it's the issues about the psychotic youtube fanboys and an over zealous press machine that supply him any negativity he might experience. The fanboys he can't help...the press agent he can control since his people are the ones paying for all that. So yes it's fair to say that he's partially responsible for his less than favorable rep with a small segment of the drumming community, who not coincidentally also comprise largely of fanboys representing heroes of sometimes equally suspicious iconic status.

So I guess the bigger question should be why should anyone care?

I guess with me /and again this has little to do with Barker himself/ are how all these people cite as an attribute his supposed luring a generation of young people to drums as if the drums themselves weren't enough of a calling card.

See, I think the last several decades have always had this magnet drummer who does this and at least in my mind the bar seems like its probably different than before.

In the 30s and much of the 40s it was Krupa playing the role as Travis...a first class musician on all counts.

The late 50s saw Morello assuming a lot of this and in the 60s Buddy Rich seems to have been the drumming god entry point for newbies wanting to be drummers. Now notice how I didn't say drummers wanting to be integrated into a popular / cool band. So to me Ringo, Moon, and Baker contributions represent a different dynamic.

Steve Gadd and Bonham's legacy seemed to be performing some of this role during much of the doubt about the basics there.

Then I think we had a different bar.

Lee in the eighties. Did anyone see that reality show a couple of years back where he almost didn't make the University of Nebraska drumline as a quad player of all things.

Tre Cool/Grohl in the nineties...

Finally Barker.

So no offense, but isn't that a more disappointing standard for which to aspire? And in all honesty, wouldn't a clear headed and rational person like Travis Barker say the same thing?
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