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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by eddiemapp
Favorite Tommy moves I've yet to master:

Cymbal grab/snare hit combo
Rimshot/stick toss
The stick spin

Could you give a quick run down of Tommy's massive monitor setup? I thought it was pretty impresive.
Hey Eddie!!! I had a killer time last night with you and the Seether boys.... You're going to totally dig this website; there's a bunch of cool info on a ton of drummers. Tommy's monitor rig from the bottom-up is: 3 Clair Bros. Prism Subs, 6 Clair B1s, & 4 Clair Prism Wedges placed vertically on top. And of course he's still got the molded Ultimate Ears (the UE10s I think) Stay safe out there man, let's hang again soon!!! Steevo
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