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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Originally Posted by Pkaneps View Post
I just saw this and immediately came here.

This is literally a $2000.00 drum set in great shape.the toms alone run 275 a tom, there are 4 toms 10, 12, 13, and 14 inch super nice unduplicable floor tom by Premier. the kick drum was owned by Almond's an 18 inch Birch with that fatback sound..all toms are maple and birch toms...Black Panther maple snare.....also included hip hop Premier popcorn snare...Paiste ride, Z custom A crash the name is Robert..feel free to call anytime 850-544-3679 feel free to call anytime.this is not crap kit...I took the time myself to mix match this set to have the nicest zilliance please leave a message.

Zilliance? Almond Brothers? Fatback sound? This is the best I've seen.
WTF is zilliance? I've always wanted that fatback sound and now I know how to get it!! You know the "Almond" Brothers are two guys that live down his street.
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