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Great drummer, super chops, immense power....better than all Fusion drummers? No, don't be ridiculous.

Guys like Antonio Sanchez Jr. are splitting time signatures with clave on both feet while maintaining the Tumbao in the kick drum and soloing freely with their hands on top of that, doing stuff that Zach Hill can't even touch. You may not like that kind of music but it's every bit as complex, and actually more, than anything Hella or Lightning Bolt are doing.

Also, Zach's technique is nowhere near as polished and clean as guys like Sanchez, Weckl, Colaiuta etc. Those guys would school Hill anytime, anyplace.

And frankly, I'd rather listen to an hour of Brian Blade or Ari Hoenig soloing than 5 minutes of any project Zach Hill is playing with. Just saying.
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