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I need help with my 71 Ludwig kit. I've had the bearing edges re-cut years ago - slight improvement, but not enough.

For years I've lived with the 22 X 14 inch bass drum's bop feel when the beater hits the batter head.

I'd like to know if I can have the bearing edge on the bass drum re-cut again 2 X 45 degree angles. Right now the outside bearing edge is too rounded - I want less wood contact on the head - like on the newer drums.

I find that the tuning and mainly feel is inconsistent. Has anyone had any experience cutting these older bearing edges on vintage kits?

OR, I'll take all the black oyster pearl wrap of all 3 drums, and just buy a Keller Maple bass drum 22 X 18.

My drumset is as follows:
22 X 14 bass drum
13 X 9 tom
16 X 16 floor tom.
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