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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by dexterbydesign View Post
I decided to put this comment here because DW offer it on their custom builds. Has anybody opted for the MAY internal micing system on their DW drums? I just want to know if they're as good as what the little video they have on the website says.
Yep. Pretty happy with it so far. But I think you need to choose this method for the right reasons. If I had a smaller kit, frankly, I would have gone with it in the bass only because it is just plain more flexible to not have mics mounted in your drums. Good reasons to do it are:
  1. Speeds setup/tear down.
  2. You are tight on space for mikes in your kit.
  3. You just don't like having to play around mikes (although this doesn't completely go away with internal mikes either).
  4. You have a large kit, are close miking and want to minimize bleed.
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