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This is actually a follow up post to the one I had written about sealing the interiors of my Gretsch catalina maple"s. After finishing the job I replaced the Evans G2 over G1 coated heads and I was happy with the sound....for a while. I've always been a coated head kinda guy and had the thought in my head that the clear heads were too bright and loud. Well after a number of months and a lot of reading I eventually changed the heads out for coated G1's over G-plus clears. WOW I thought. The G2's, being two ply heads, were really muffling the true tone of the shells. The use of the G-plus heads as reso's was an even better Idea, since they increased the resonance by 100 percent. There have been a lot of threads on this and you would think that this combo just wouldn't work, but the G plus heads are a single ply 10ml head that actually vibrates more than it's thinner , more used, reso head. This worked for a while until I decided to take the plunge and change all the batter heads to G1 clear. Wow again. The sealed interiors and the clear batters were the combination I was looking for all this time. What a beautiful Open resonant clear maple sound. Just thought you Gretsch cat owners would be motivated by this .
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