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Default Re: Band Name?!

Originally Posted by jer View Post
Really? I might have expected that from some of the younger folks 'round here, but you Andy? Shame.

I'm gonna go with "The Turtle Heads".
Lol Jer, I'd hate to merge the two! Really, there's a band round these parts called "Touching Cloth". Don't you just love it! Can't imagine them getting many wedding gigs, lol!

One of my favourite names for a fusion band is "Audio Alchemy". Just so paints a picture, although a little high brow for some.

My very very very favourite band name is reserved for me to use for a future uber heavy funk band I'd love to form (sigh). Sorry, just typed it out, then instantly deleated it. Trust you guys, but them lurkers, hmmmm. Voyers, the bloody lot of ya! C'mon you secret sissys, sign up & get involved!
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