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Hello drummers!What do you think about dvd and book MUSICAL TIME by Ed Soph.It is interesting how he shows body motions,for playing drums and cymbals.I tried his system on jazz gig last saturday,and results was fantastic.I locked groove with contrabass player,and whole band was very happy.Listeners was happy too.But his system is based on Fred Hinger technique,great tympanist,who teach Ed,Glen Velez,Billy Ward...etc.Cymbal playing is different,because he is waiting with upstroke(he play first note of triplet,rebound one inch on second triplet note and pause and on third triplet note he move stick up,when play quarter note.On the snare too;bass drum is also coordinated with,too).Other drummers,including me was trained in Morello,Riley etc.technique,where stick rebound as fast as posiblle,on first note of triplet,when play quarter note.What is difference for you?
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