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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Great to hear things are moving forward for you. I've run a few sucessful companies in my time, & brought numerous industrial products to market. It's not easy, & there's a few golden rules. From an invention pov, make sure it's more than just a better mouse trap. Your product must have a unique selling point, & more than anything else, it must simply address a problem that is widely found to exist within your target customer group, not a problem that is specific to you, or you believe to exist widely. Many ideas fail because the research is far too personal. I wish you well, & I'm always happy to offer some pointers if you wish.
k.i.s. thanks for the encouraging words , much appreciated . i used your golden rules in working on this product so i have hopefully addressed everything you have stated .
Since i'm not a drummer i was able to look at this objectively and not on a personal level , we have been road testing this for a couple of months and there have been many changes in development. in fact so much has changed that its hard to believe were this has come since the first prototypes were made . i was literaly one day away from sending in all the patent paperwork when a design change had to be made . its been a ton of work so far but i have been enjoying every step !
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