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Default we're still around

hi everyone ! i know we (jennifer & i) have'nt been posting much lately but rest assured we still have been poking in quite frequently !
jennifer has still been madly practicing and should have a new video coming soon , it just depends on how much free time i have which has been in short supply lately .
Casey has asked her to join him on an upcoming drum clinic he will be doing in the near future so she is both pumped and nervous! shes been working on a solo to perform and also fine tuning the song " march of the mephisto " which is done by the group casey is in ,its also the same song that she has on her you tube channel . she will be doing both of those things alone along with a brush presentation they have been talking and working on together (shes been having fun learning the different brush techniques ) and they will do that together . casey has kept her quite busy which is good for me !
as for me , after many sleepless nights , i have decided that i will move forward and will be starting my own drum related company next year !
I have settled on the name Wac'd Drums which is a play off our last name ( no one at work says hey gary ! its always been hey wac ! ) plus after thinking about it , it works since what do you do to a drum ? you whack it !
My hopes are that by the beginning of 2012 that i will be able to leave my present job of 23 years and devote all of my time and energy into this company . right now i work my 8 hrs and go home and devote the rest of my evenings working on the drum side , so that should explain why i haven't been here much .
I know some will think its to hard to make it in the boutique drum making business and i agree ! just making great one off drums is probably not going to pay the bills so i had to figure out other ways that i feel will get it done .
For the last 6 months i have been working on and developing a different way of tuning drums that is different than the even the biggest companies out there . there are so many different things that have been tried , some successful and many failures , i am hoping to be on the successful side of it .
As someone that is a tinkerer by nature it didn't take long to figure out the workings of it , but i was so unprepared for the business side and that has been my biggest hurdle so far .
The legal parts of it alone are daunting enough , then theres logos , websites , business cards , fliers , post boxes , the list goes on and on !!!
At this point i will just say be patient with me as i know i hate it when someone post saying" i have this great invention" but i can't show it to you !
Just know that we are still around and when things get a little settled down we will be back to posting more often .
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