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Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin View Post
To me Bobby is, as stated before, a solid rock drummer that wasn't overkill. He didn't do a lot of fills.....................but the ones he did were kinda different then most. I have Out of the Cellar, Invasion of your Privacy, Detonator and Reach for the Sky. Growing up I used to play to these Albums all the time.................................Good Times!!!
Ditto. Bobby has this great feel and a subtlety that rises above most glam drumming. Like Round and Round--all the cymbal chokes, the little hop on the bass drum at 3:13, and the directions he chooses up and down the toms.

First glam drummer I ever heard play the ride cymbal on the upbeat too (Back for More).

I remember being in 5th grade and calling my friend Joel--"We have to figure out how to play this upbeat ride thing!" I don't think I even knew the word "upbeat" yet, to be honest. It's funny remembering where you first learned certain things.

Thanks, Bobby.
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