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Originally Posted by LpC View Post
Taylor Hawkins is one of my favorite drummer. I would like to know which series of Zildjian he uses
During the Coattail Riders he used Zildjian K Custom Series cymbals and he also use the A Series cymbals I believe. Right now (during the Foo Fighters recording sessions) he seems to be using A Customs,K's and Avedis (basically the same cymbals Grohl used on TCV).

I think you can goto Zildjians website and it shows you his kit and cymbal setup :)
Here's a link :

He also uses Gretsch Renown kits (He used several of them at the Coattail Riders gigs).
along with his Signature sticks. I've also had the oppurtunity to meet Taylor and he is a really nice and down to earth guy :)


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