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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

I got a pretty hillarious eassy from a guy replying to an add for a bassist I put up. To sum it up he has no gear, doesn't know anything about the style of music I said we are (the ad had nothing to do Darkmetal vikingmetal deathmetal or blackmetal), and wants to take over an established band and "re-invent metal!".
Oh also each paragraph was a different color in the email lol. He responded a few more times but this first email is hillarious.


I came across your ad while on craigslist.

"WTF am I doing looking at musicians on craigslist?" I ask myself. I have some desire to get back into playing, but I'm not playing yet. The very least.... I want to know if there's anyone in Tucson with a strong interest similar music.

I've heard most of the good dark metal, Viking and/or black metal bands. I know exactly what I want to do if I get back into music... would you link me to some of your recordings... something where I can hear the sensibility and vision of your drummer, please.

we've heard this all before. Why am I saying this? I want to know if you are interested in forging some new. Metal has had one foot in the grave for years now. I want to know how aware you are of this fact. It needs vision and planning to make something fresher

you know I'm not ready to GO right now from what I said above. I'm definitely interested in your band and if I like it, I can exercise my hands and skills enough in 3 months to get on par with you. just want to know what your band is about. you won't find a possible future bandmate with a bleaker outlook and commitment to total vision and sound for a band.

I'm relatively new to Tucson (less then 3 months here). I'm thinking it's too small and poor music scene, plus poor, undynamic economy. but we'll see what the future holds."
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