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Default Re: Lose the 'bing' banners, Please! I beg you!

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
The only way to run a site without an entry fee is selling some advertisments.

Beside some Drum Industrie related ads i also have Google ads.

I try to keep the Google ads as friendly as possible.

Ads for Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modification, Dating, Drugs & Supplements, Get Rich Quick, Politics, References to Sex & Sexuality, Religion, Ringtones & Downloadables, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Video Games (Casual & Online), Weight Loss should have been blocked....and yes, Google spreads the banners regional.

Hey Bernhard, no issues with the banner ads whatsoever, but have you considered the idea of Drummerworld merchandise? This is not the first time it's been mentioned, and each time it's attracted considerable support. I'm sure many of us would love to buy some high quality stuff. Heck, I suggested a "Don't Bash Ringo" shirt or cap, & Polly's getting on the design as I type this. Thoughts? There's willing help here if you want it.
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