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Default Re: Lose the 'bing' banners, Please! I beg you!

Originally Posted by drumhead61 View Post
How low ones tolerance must be for these ads to bother god man, what are they doing...dancing all around your screen? I see nothing at all that bothers me in the least that would cause me to throw up a thread about it...ROFL! Relax and just do the forum...I would welcome that donut ad, but in the US I am seeing Music123...I shall take a click diversion NOW.
Mike, old boy, I agree with drumhead. They're cool and, as others have said, they help Bernhard keep the site ticking over. Today's banner's now asking me:

Are YOU Tired of Playing the SAME DRUM FILLS Over and Over Again?

Wow, Google doesn't only know where I live, it knows my drumming! :)

PFOG, will try to get started on Don't Bash Ringo! soon ... any requests for colour or imagery?
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