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I was heavily involved in acting in high school. During that time I hosted my school's talent show, introducing the acts and other assorted MC shtick (see avatar picture). Well, there were several bands playing that night and, just getting into drumming myself, I talked to the drummers a bit. They all seemed to really like this Travis Barker fellow (I hadn't yet heard of him at the time). So the first band went up and played. The drummer (wearing the requisite sideways hat and blazed facial expression) played WAY over everything, he was just pounding the crap out of the drums. All you could hear was him, that was it. This continued through the whole show. So I go home and look up Travis barker on You Tube. It all made sense. One of several reasons why I can't stand Travis Barker. I know it's not his fault and I don't hold it against him personally.

I don't hate Travis Barker, I just don't think that he deserves to be worshiped.
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