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Ohhhh Yes folks! Its here! Drummers Intensive day Duisburg - Germany!
Nov. 6th - 2010 / A 6 hour intensive master class

Also- Concert at night with the "Phil Maturano Trio" all in one venue.
GoldenGrün club- Sign up at the official Drummers intensive day page!

Attend the Intensive day and get in the concert for free!!
Drumcraft, Sabian, Regal Tip, Compact Monitors, Remo, The IC2 team!

What you will take home to continue your work from the event.
My online lessons - Videos and books!!
1) The left foot Clave Handbook
2) How to practice Video
3) You've got to Funk a Drei - Audio Lesson (1/2 hour)
4) The "3" in Jazz / The Rhythmic Pyramid Effect" - Audio Lesson (1/2 hour)
5) Mastering the rebound stroke- Video.
6) Soloing concepts video
7) Groups of 5 Specialty phrasing video
8) Groups of 7 specialty phrasing video

Welcome to the official " Drummers Intensive days" page!

The Drummers Intensive day was started to serve the needs of drummers across the globe. After 17 years of doing clinics on a worldwide basis, I know first hand that players still have a burning desire to learn and improve their craft. As we all know this learning process never stops, for any of us. The question is always...who to turn to, and how to get time with players that have vast experience in their particular field. How can we even find them when they are not in our area of the world? Dealing with scheduling conflicts and expenses of a 1 on 1 lesson can also be a hurdle. So to make our drumming and our drumming community stronger, the Drummers Intensive day was started.

Central Concept
The central concept of the "Drummers Intensive Day" is to provide students with playing time in front of some of the best players in the world. In a clinic setting we have the opportunity to see experienced players play, showcase equipment, give playing ideas and inspiration. But only 2 hours of watching someone play can leave lots of holes and questions. And of course there is no time for participants to get up and play and have feedback in any way. Maybe many drummers are also hesitant to ask questions because of fear or they are simply too shy. I found that this problem is overcome by putting sticks in that persons hands and saying..."lets hear where you are". This removes all inhibitions and lets us all share the joy of our journey in drumming. While getting the best advice from experienced players in a setting that is both constructive, musically safe and has the best outcome for the participant in mind.

What takes place?
In this 5 to 6 hour journey into drumming, the hosts will guide participants through the area in which they have outstanding expertise. Participants not only watch and learn but also take part! When you are at a Drummers intensive ready to play! When you attend, you must be ready to play on drumset and in front of everyone at the event. You will play to backing tracks, and play along with the instructor. You will then receive feedback from them as well as your fellow participants. That is what makes this event unique. We have plenty of time to accommodate all questions and explore the subject matter at hand deeply and thoroughly.

For all info and sign up go here.......
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