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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
In that instance I told how I mixed wine and pain killers and said sorry.

As for the book? Just because nobody had answered yet does not mean someone with no knowledge of the book should. I mastered all the Garibaldi books years ago. I feel qualified to speak about them. I do not answer questions about books I do not know. Even the Wilcoxin book thjat I know was at the school when a recent question was asked. I knew the answer but as the book was not in my hands to make sure, I did not answer. And I am a professional drummer.

I think of this situation thusly. If a question is asked of 4th degree black belts and a yellow belt beginner answers, does the yellow belt really expect respect from the 4th dans? The 4th dans will regard the yellow belt as arrogant and ignorant and will pore nothing but scorn and ridicule on this upstart.

I agree with the 4th dans. I am a 4th dan!
Not the first time you've flamed me, Wy. Seems to be a pattern - pain, alcohol, flame. I appreciated the first couple of apologies but when it keeps happening it makes me think of Mum's old saying - in vino veritas ... another of her old gems that I remember is "this too shall pass" ...

I had no intention of talking about the Garibaldi book or the physical coordination skills required. You don't need to know a book to take a pattern from a screenshot and program it into a drum machine. Hearing how something is played is useful, and that was the case.

And everyone deserves basic human respect if they give basic human respect, irregardless of their so-called rank in the world. It's called being human, showing empathy for your fellow humans (this also applies to those who consider themselves to be superior). Anyone who pours scorn on another who they perceive as inferior is putting their craft above their basic humanity.
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