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I am one of Mike's online students and I can't agree more about having him profiled on Drummerworld. I was ready to quit drumming altogether when I stumbled across some of his youtube videos and decided to sign up for the online lessons. I am so glad that I did. Mike really does care about his students and providing high quality content for his lessons. I am sure he is making a good living off of his site but you can tell that it is not about the money for Mike. I have heard that when he does clinics and private lessons at a drum shop, he doesn't even take the money from the lessons. The drum shop covers all of his expenses and he gives the lessons basically for free. The shop keeps the money from the lessons. This may not be totally correct but it is what I have heard and with corresponding with Mike, I believe it to be true. I will be attending one of his week long camps next June at his studio in Folsom and I have heard it is a "must do" for any intermediate or even advanced level drummers. During the camps Mike's drumming day (I am sure he must wake up around 7 am) starts at 9am and runs till about midnight. He then stays at the studio till about 1-2am editing each "campers" personal video. He's getting around 3-4 hours of sleep a night for the week! While the camps are running he still has to teach his local students, prepare his lessons for the online lessons, teach the online lessons while also teach individual lessons with each camper, teach group lessons and everything else related to the camp (his wife Amber also works with him to help out). 15 hour days of drumming for a week, once or twice a month depending on the camp schedule! Heck he even gives out his personal cell number so you can talk to him one on one if you are having troubles with the lessons! While all of this is going on he still finds time to post his free video lessons on Youtube. The man is a machine! That is the level of dedication Mike has to his students. And, like has been said before, he has a great personality and makes the lessons fun! He is more than qualified to be teaching as he is an amazing drummer in pretty much any style of music. If someone wants lessons in an area that he is not well versed, he will bring in a guest teacher to cover that material and at no extra cost to the students. He also has started running online clinics with guest drummers as well as camps with guest drummers. So far Dante Roberson and Benny Greb have participated in the online clinics. Dante is also a regular visitor to Mike's camps and to the online chat room during Mike's lessons. He is always ready to share some of his extensive drumming knowledge with anyone who asks for help. Benny recently held a week long drum camp at Mike's studio and also held 2 clinics during the week. He was only scheduled for one but added another later in the week due to the overwhelming response from the students. Mike makes all of this possible and does it with a smile. He is the real deal!
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