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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Thing is, Wy, no one else was helping out and I knew I could transcribe the patterns on a drum machine, which I felt would be helpful for the guy ... and it was. As a pro, you could have been more helpful than just telling me to "bugger off".

Ok, I had things to say apart from "yes oh guru". So shoot me (oh, I forgot, you did).

You told us that Frank Sinatra's story was a pivotal event in regard to the importance of vocals in music - very enlightening, as is often the case when you're not shooting people. However, in opera, the castrati and, later, prima donnas were celebrated way before Frank was born. Why??

There's an obvious psychological component to the popularity of vocals ... and I have a bunch of A levels in psychology. Is that worth nothing? A baby in the womb is exposed to the resonance of its mother's voice from the moment it develops functional ears, at about 16 weeks (proto ears from 3 weeks). Yet scat singing isn't as popular as musical storytelling,
stories that resonate with our lives. That's another aspect again ...

If the discussion only covered music theory or history then, yes, you earned it. However, that particular topic was very broad with a sizeable extramusical component.

I have sat at the feet of the guru as he passed on his knowledge to me, and accepted that knowledge unquestioningly 99% of the time. Forgive me - a mere unworthy amateur - if I dare to have some thoughts of my own 1% of the time ...
In that instance I told how I mixed wine and pain killers and said sorry.

As for the book? Just because nobody had answered yet does not mean someone with no knowledge of the book should. I mastered all the Garibaldi books years ago. I feel qualified to speak about them. I do not answer questions about books I do not know. Even the Wilcoxin book thjat I know was at the school when a recent question was asked. I knew the answer but as the book was not in my hands to make sure, I did not answer. And I am a professional drummer.

I think of this situation thusly. If a question is asked of 4th degree black belts and a yellow belt beginner answers, does the yellow belt really expect respect from the 4th dans? The 4th dans will regard the yellow belt as arrogant and ignorant and will pore nothing but scorn and ridicule on this upstart.

I agree with the 4th dans. I am a 4th dan!
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