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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Thanks Jim :) Nothing naughty has transpired between Wy and me!

And he really is a beast of a drummer. I've heard his playing, jammed with him, and been awed by what he does.

Wy, that reminds me ... you're cool enough to have jammed with a dag like me in non-lesson time - someone who isn't in the same ball park. Yet you talk like a snob about pros and amateurs. You're way cooler in real life than you come across on the forum ...
Well it all comes back to my problems with communicating. I think there is a real problem. I simply don't know what it is. And those were not my words. This man who runs a drum company is amazing. Truly inspiring. Remember that guy you met? Always asking me questions, bugging me about his drumming? I told him not to contact me again because I was constantly worried I would hurt his feelings.

I don't know where I am. I only know I can teach.
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