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Default Re: i am not like most of you!

Originally Posted by jim_gregory View Post
Dunno what goes between you and Wy but I have found you to be spirited, open minded, helpful and supportive to this total stranger. Thats not to be overlooked Missy. Men born in the city or in the bush are mostly the same, much as some dont like to think so. Thats why we like women..for the most part.
Thanks Jim :) Nothing naughty has transpired between Wy and me!

And he really is a beast of a drummer. I've heard his playing, jammed with him, and been awed by what he does.

Wy, that reminds me ... you're cool enough to have jammed with a dag like me in non-lesson time - someone who isn't in the same ball park. Yet you talk like a snob about pros and amateurs. You're way cooler in real life than you come across on the forum ...
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